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Jim B.

“Fathers tell their sons, ‘Don’t get real estate investments because tenants will call you in the middle of the night with a leaking faucet.’ Playa Realty & Management handles those kinds of issues for you. They manage most of my properties, find new tenants and handle all repairs that need to be made, including those dripping faucets in the middle of the night. In addition, they take care of all reports, collect rent payments and remit them quickly, while taking what I find to be a very reasonable commission. They’ve also helped to get my rents to market rates when I was unsure or hesitant to change them.

In the rare case that we need to evict a tenant – one of the hardest things for a landlord to do – they handle it very professionally. They run background checks and fully vet all prospective tenants, which means that new tenants are generally very stable.

With Playa, everything is done very professionally. They just don’t make mistakes. The money is always there the day they say it’s going to be there. They manage over 25 properties for me and have sold two – one for over $500,000. They’re first rate, no comparison – just head and shoulders over the competition.”

Michele G.

“I live in New York. Playa Realty & Management has managed two condominiums in Florida for me for the past three years. On  the rare occasion that there is a problem, my representative is on the phone, making me aware of what’s going on. There are never any surprises. Their communication and service are always spot on and I’m never waiting for a phone call, email or text.

When I get my statements, I’m made fully aware of what I’m spending with no confusion as to where my money went or what maintenance was done. There are no vague line items such as, ‘$30 for maintenance.’ Every detail is clearly itemized, which I enjoy very much. I am very pleased with Playa. I’m very comfortable with their management of my properties and will definitely continue with them.”

Adam S.

“I have a property in Jacksonville’s Windsor Falls, but I live in St. Louis. Playa Realty & Management finds and screens prospective tenants, does checks to make sure tenants are complying with all HOA requirements, and finds vendors to fix any problems that arise, including air conditioning, which is one of the main problems in Florida, particularly during the hot summer months. When you’re 1,000 miles away, this kind of service takes a tremendous burden off.

One incident in which Playa went above and beyond happened just after I moved to St. Louis. A tenant, who was a fighter pilot in the US Air Force, had moved into the Florida property. Everything was fine until five months later when he had to deploy. With the military, there is no contractually binding agreement, and this happened in the middle of the season  after school had already started. Within days, we got reports from Playa on what the comps were relative to other rentals and what they were charging within the community. Playa developed a strategy and, in no time, I had all the data I needed to make a decision. Within a week and a half, Playa had done four showings, had two offers on the table and was running background checks, helping me to make an informed decision about which prospective tenant to choose. It was unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I also can’t say enough about our representative. I deal with sales professionals all day in all types of industries. It’s pretty impressive how Playa handles things.”

Valerie – Troy, New York

“Before soliciting the help of Playa Realty & Management, I was a nervous wreck. I was moving across the country and had to do something with my home. Selling it in the current environment was out of the question. I first tried to rent it out myself and manage it long distance. That was a BIG MISTAKE! Both my house and I were absolutely shredded by our first tenant. I was a mess from the stress this caused. Now with the help of Playa, a huge burden was removed. I receive my rent on time deposited directly into my checking account. I get a statement each month showing detailed activities. I have much-needed peace of mind, because I know that I have a local & knowledgeable manager taking care of things. Lines of communication are open and promises are delivered on 100%. ”

Chris and Sarah – Jacksonville, Florida

“Playa Realty & Management was just amazing to us. They advertised our place for about a week after which they produced a great tenant who moved in four days later. We certainly appreciated all they did. We also like the Owner Statement, very straightforward and easy to understand.”

Colin – Jacksonville, Florida

Many thanks for the successful placement of a renter for my property in JAX. I received and deposited my first owner draw check last week. I am confident that the efforts of you and your realty management company saved me from further distress caused by a lack of renters in the property. With your experience in property management and the solid legal documents and business structure you’ve got in place; I have nothing but confidence moving forward. Thanks for a great job well done.

Negash – Woodbine, Maryland

“We reside in Maryland and own a condo in Jacksonville.. We thought we could rent the condo on our own. We found a renter within a couple of months but it was never easy. After two months of late payments the tenant notified us that due to health reason he had to move. It took another two months before we could travel to Jacksonville to validate the tenant had moved and the unit was OK. While in Jacksonville we interviewed three management companies and selected Playa Realty & Management. It was really an easy choice. The Playa rep came in with a binder in hand that showed the going rent and available properties for the area, but most importantly the marketing plan. They were very well prepared and presented their firm professionally Within a week of signing with Playa my property was marketed (as promised) in multiple mediums. Four days after the marketing campaign I had a signed contract and tenant. Before moving in the tenant had requested certain blemishes around the condo to be fixed. Playa addressed these issues in no time for substantially less than it would have cost me to get the job done. After a couple of months, the unit had HVAC problems. Again Playa was on top. In an expedited manner, they bid the job and recommended the most efficient and cost effective way to proceed. I honestly can tell you Playa Management has been great! I now sleep well at night knowing my property and tenant is in a good hands. I give Playa my unconditional recommendation.”

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