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Property Managers & Pretty Lawns: A Love Story

By Steven Ritter

We’ve all seen properties that have less-than-beautiful lawns. On the flip side, a spectacular lawn can make a home stand out in all the right ways. One of the greatest strategies that savvy property managers employ is to maintain the lawns of properties for which they are trying to recruit tenants. Jacksonville, FL, the hometown of Playa Realty & Management, is a sub-tropical Garden of Eden during the warm months – which happens to be the majority of the year. Property managers in Jacksonville have to stay on top of their lawn care game if they want to win tenants. Here are some lawn maintenance tips that will make your home stand out win you’re trying to woo your next tenants.

Prepare for Change Well in Advance

Florida lawns, in particular, must endure insects, periods of drought, high temperatures, and direct sunlight throughout the course of a year. To keep your grass in “sellable” condition, begin making it look good early on. Even if your current tenants are responsible for lawn care, there are a few measures you can take to ensure your lawn is always looking superb.


Sell Fast With Fresh Cut Grass

Nothing is sweeter to a prospective tenant than arriving at their potential home after its lawn has been recently cut. The tangy smell of fresh cut grass and the sharp angles on every blade will let them know that you’re a property manager or property who really cares. The amount of time that you put into preparing your rental home before your prospective tenants arrive will dictate how likely they are to rent from you. Make sure that you know which variety of grass is on your lawn before you cut it. Cutting it too short may result in an unhealthy lawn. Cutting your grass at the proper height is a great way to keep your lawn looking fantastic. The most common Florida grass species and their suggested heights are listed below.



For more Florida lawn care tips, visit the University of Florida’s residential landscaping guidelines page.

Flowers and Accents

Aesthetics are everything when it comes to winning over new tenants. Try adding some fresh potted flowers to your landscape. It’s ideal to plant the flowers in some sort of flower bed or large potter, but even having colorful flowers in strategic points throughout your lawn could add a positive vibe to your home’s appearance. Major home improvement stores and most large home goods retailers carry inexpensive, colorful flowers that are perfect additions to your lawn when you’re trying to impress prospects.


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