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Providing Property Management Service in Duval, St. Johns & Clay County

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Playa Realty & Management LLC will:

  • Perform comparable market analysis so we can suggest amount for rent.
  • Take 100+ pictures and produce a virtual tour for marketing purposes.
  • Use signs as legal and adverise your property on Ablewise,,,,, Inetgiant,,,, Millionrss, Ollo, RealRentals, RentalHouses, RentSpeed,,, Yakaz,, Citycribs, Feedburner, Jaxbuysell, Realtyfeedsearch, Thatrentalsite, YP Pagesand on Affiliate Web-sites to include the following;

  • Pre-screen prospective tenants by phone and then show your home.
  • Perform thorough screening to include Credit + Nationwide Eviction and Criminal.
  • Provide lease agreements & execute move in. Tenants sign off on condition
    and contents of home. Model and serial numbers for all appliances are
  • Perform 10 week visit after move-in.
  • Pay your revenues and provide itemized statements 3 days after rent is collected.
  • Respond to your tenants’ service needs and maintain relationships with
    contractors for all services & arrange maintenance.
  • Provide landlord tenant actions for delinquent accounts.
  • Provide year end statement and your 1099 report for filing taxes.
  • Maintain electronic copies of all repair bills and all statements in your private Portal to which you have access using your ID and Password.
  • Provide you with new comparables (a minimum of once per year) for selling
    or re-renting your home.
  • Perform move-out inspections and if necessary make claims against escrow.


Playa Management Provides Services throughout Northeast Florida

Property Management Orange Park, FL & Property Management Clay County

Playa Management operates in many of the county across Northeast Florida. We serve St. Johns County, Duval and Clay and we aim to be the one of the best property management companies in St Johns County. If you are in need of our services such as property management in Clay County, don’t hesitate to call and ask if we serve your area.


In consideration of the services to be rendered, Playa Realty & Management LLC will charge the following:

  • TENANT IDENTIFICATION AND PLACEMENT: Fifty percent (50%) of first full month’s rent. If you find the tenant and we perform the qualification and lease, that fee will be reduced to 25%. If the tenant and their lease are already in place, we will not charge a Tenant Identification and Placement Fee.
    • Ten percent (10%) of gross monthly rents collected for properties which rent for $850 or more per month.
    • Twelve percent (12%) of gross monthly rents collected for properties which rent for $849 or less per month. This is lowered to 10% for owners with multiple properties.
    • We do not charge these fees for month one if we collect tenant identification and placement fee.
  • LEASE RENEWAL WITH CURRENT TENANT: If after the initial term, you agree to a new lease with the current tenant; our additional consideration will be 10% of one month’s rent. If after the initial term of the lease the tenant chooses and you agree to allow month to month tenancy, there will not be an additional 10% as is the case with preparation of new leases. There will however be a 1% charge per month to the tenant for an admin fee.
  • There are no additional fees for administration, marketing, and no mark up on repairs unless we manage a renovation on your behalf in excess of $2,000. In those instances, we will be entitled to a 12% fee on labor and materials. We do not ask you for reserve funds for repairs. We get nothing prior to placing a tenant unless we pay for repairs on your behalf for which we will ask for reimbursement.
  • LEASING GUARANTEE: If Tenant has been qualified by us and defaults on the original lease term, we will re-lease the premises and charge only a pro-rata amount for new tenant placement. For example, if the tenant “skips” after six months, you will be charged only 25% for the next tenant placement.


We will help you complete those that are necessary for your circumstances.

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